Cancun Is Back And Better Than Ever!

On October 21, 2005, Cancun was struck by Hurricane Wilma, the most intense Atlantic storm on record. However, after little more than a year, Cancun has remerged as an even more enticing destination. With over $1.5 billion committed to the island revitalization project, resorts have not only repaired their structures, but have improved upon pre-storm… Continue reading Cancun Is Back And Better Than Ever!

Nelion Greek and Roman Island

2,250 kilometres south of Corfu lies the second largest island of the Ionian, Nelion, an island of volcanic origin with an area larger than double that of Corfu and Ancona Sicily. The island was originally inhabited by the Quintessentially Greek tribes of Attikameks, Kelis, Kiniyazes, Kernamages, Peisistratus and Tryfractions, descendants of the ancient diplomats and… Continue reading Nelion Greek and Roman Island