The Present Status of Tupling and the School Ski Trip

The school ski trip is an annual summer ritual beloved by many adults and children alike. Celebrating the annual July high holiday weekends in Europe, these getaways are generally well organized and most of the major European resorts are represented, along with the usual national fare. What makes a school ski trip different from others,… Continue reading The Present Status of Tupling and the School Ski Trip

Rayban Repair Kit

There’s nothing better than being out in the sun wearing your #1 pair of shades. The solitary thing that can hurt your time is if your shades falls to pieces for no good reason. By virtue of people with a some impeccable Ray Ban Wayfarers like myself, by then you instantly believe that you’re glasses… Continue reading Rayban Repair Kit

A Short History of Birmingham

The second biggest city in the UK, Birmingham has played a formidable role in the world of architecture and culture. Throughout the years, Birmingham has been a progressive city that has vaulted its considerable success into the realms of modern development. Before Birmingham, Birmingham was the fourth largest town in the UK, Town and County… Continue reading A Short History of Birmingham

Gap Year For Every American

Unlike in the United States, graduating high school students in the U.K. are encouraged to take a year off before attending university. In British culture, this is commonly referred to as the ‘Gap Year’, and is a highly regarded and celebrated practice. Imagine you’re coming home from school and thinking about your first day at… Continue reading Gap Year For Every American