Top 3 Destinations for Families in Puglia

Holidaying in a hotel in Puglia definitely has its advantages: you’ll always be able to find a comfortable spot to sit and eat, although you may delight in the opportunity to explore other areas of the region too. In southern Italy, the region is home to many attractions worth seeing. In keeping with the beautiful scenery, here are the top destinations for families.

Visit Bari, Italy

This is a beautiful city located in the “heel” of the region. If you’re looking for the very best for your family, visiting Bari will ensure you have made a great choice. Among its many attractions are the Basilica di Santa Croce, the Bishop’s Palace and the Piazza della Signoria – where you will also find the Nelson’s Column. Street performers abound and museums Possibile and Mozart Museum are also worth visiting.

Also in Bari is the historic town of Massa Carrara, which is great for kids. Strolling around town will reward you with lots of fun here. Also see the nearby museum, with its uniquemi lorio, or ferry the giant stone Buddha.

Napa Valley

Your visit to Puglia will truly be incomplete without exploring the historic town of Napa Valley. In the area, you will find the much-improved French Quarter and the Napa Valley National Historic Site, among many other attractions. Also see the many vineyards, such as those run by Sarries, Villa Bellosguardo, Baron Balche, etc, as well as the new wineries coming up.

To make the most of your stay in Napa Valley, you can take a scenic ride up to Stone Mountain. See the vineyards from the top and from the down, or take a ride down in one of the vineyards filled with green grapes, barley, and herbs. You will be able to taste all the wines of Napa Valley.

The Skyumel Hill Station

From the top of the Blue Grotto in Napa Valley, you can see 7,000-foot Skyumel Hill Station, which is also known as the Oldest Winery. On the top of the hill, you can have a very beautiful view of the city of Napa surrounded by the rolling landscape.

Hotels & Accommodation

Best Western in Napa

The Best Western Hotel and Apartments are situated in the heart of historic Old Town. The rooms are categorized into two zones, Upper Palazzo and Upper Cellar. The rooms cost $110.00 per night and are conveniently accessible to the lower plaza area, which features the lively activities of a plaza. The Upper Palazzo rooms also offer a facility to have your own equipped kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, and tea and coffee facilities. Upper Palazzo also have family rooms, spacious eating patios, and wireless access.

The Spa at Palazzo Beaumont & Berries

This is the luxury hotel of the Napa Valley and is just a short walk from the historic city of Napa. The contemporary, design-built property is built in the Spanish Neo-Gurji style. With 33 rooms, the hotel is also ideal for families. The facilities offered by the hotel’s spas include hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, massage, and cuisine consultation.

The In Barghona Hotel

The Barghona Hotel is located in the centre of La Rona, famous for its pedestrian plaza, lined with colonial-style buildings. The town centre is just around the corner, while the village of La Romana is just ahead on the seafront. The Barghona Hotel offers 16 well-furnished rooms that have cable TVs and wireless access. The hotel also has a gym, sauna, and swimming pool.

Closest to Santa Maria River

The Closest to Santa Maria River is the newest structure built next to the river. The hotel provides a drive through security along with a lush garden and patio. It also offers conference rooms and large rooms that haveWrite to Santa Maria River worksheets. Guests can get the best breakfast in the river valley at the Closest to Santa Maria River.

Napa Valley Inn

The Inn is the perfect place for families. Some of the inns in the valley provide unique entertainment and water slides for the kids. While these activities guarantee fun for the whole family, it also increases the value of your visit.

Casa de las Carambas

Casa de las Carambas is the home of the La comuna, a beautiful river located just behind the town of Aguas Calientes. During a visit to this natural paradise, guests can soak up the sun, enjoy freshwater slides and stroll on miles of sandy beach.