How to Start a Home Based Travel Business

You’ve seen them all along the highways, or on TV, those travel agencies that fly the tired parents off to the next city, or tell them where they’re going on vacation. Those people are really good at making money, but they really are pretty stupid people that do not know anything about the travel business. They think that getting some sort of commission from someone else traveling to their destination is illegal or somehow prohibited. Wasting no time, they rush to the travel agency to tell them how great it is and gather commission checks in the amount of $25 to $30 or more, for something that is completely legal and does not require any inventory or state sales tax. Examples include hotel owners in the Caribbean paying the cruise ships to take guests on included vacation cruises, and so forth.

Travel is a $7 trillion industry and, with nearly $4 trillion in global sales, it is a $7 trillion industry that is poorly managed. The travel agency does not get any money back from the guest that books their vacation. Everyone seems to be aware of this. Yet still it is impossible to find the time to run a travel business from home.

You can’t run a travel business from home either, unless you’re rich! Only the extremely wealthy, with children that will support them while they are away, can afford holidays in groups of up to a dozen at a time. The rest of us can’t afford that, and even then we sometimes don’t have the time. Running a travel business from home is simply impossible.

If you believe that running a travel business from home is impossible, then you also believe that selling china in Los Angeles is an impossible business. China is a large country with over one billion people and it is impossible to sell china in Los Angeles. What you need is a thousand Chinese friends to visit Los Angeles on a regular basis, and then you just ship them all over to your China Town retail store.

Apparently, even though it’s a multi-million dollar industry that makes multi-trillion dollar profits, it’s something that most people will never be able to get into. Why? It’s because the travel business is such a pain in the neck to everyone who wants to travel. Everyone takes forever to book that last flight and all the different transportation options that are available to you.

If the Chinese government allows it to become a “property” then the American government will allow it to become a “visa,” and thousands of “visas” will be given to Hungarians, Hungarians, Koreans, Americans and Canadians to go to China. China Day is coming up in 2012, and this is exciting as China is gradually taking more and more of our jobs away from us.

For a travel writer and investor to follow this niche market, you need to start way in advance to have your feet drying out just thinking about the travel business.

I originally mined sourcebooks, and though they dry up around Christmas, there are still a handful of bookstores to pick up a copy-my books were books I bought at the library-most of which were out of print but still available cheaply on the Internet. Then there were the vendor exceptions, such as Atlas Travel and Antiquarian Aventures, which both went out of business in the 1990s, so any reference books are out of date.

It’s true: sourcebooks do not exist in 100% replaced condition in old libraries, and putting aside the wear and tear they become subject to, I did away with them when I gave up the Internet. However, I did find a sourcebook vendor, S Wander, whose main website is over four years old and whose luggage tag still carries the original box from the Brownsea ferry, used in filming the Charlie Chaplin movie, ” Chaplin Cop,” used as an actress in “A Chaplin Movie,” and so on.

He also has a one-of-a-kind library, with over four thousand books, consisting mostly of classic literature. The books are in immaculately bound volumes, bound in a variety of sizes and from a wide variety of authors.

I did not sample most of the library’s offerings, but from what I did read, and with the magnificence that library environments provide, I could have happily consuming the library’s entire collection of 700,000 books in two years.

To me, that library is a five-star hotel.

bursts of inspirationEverywhere I turned, I seemed to come upon a gem of a place, a place that would not only recharge my batteries, but also intrigue my friends and inspire me to learn more.

When I eventually found myself returning to New York City, I turned once again to the city’s museums and historical society, and found myself in the presence ofDr. Bloom for an evening of Study.