Leak Under Kitchen Sink: 3 Things Causing This

Another day, another water damage issue, but that’s okay, because we’re here to tell what’s causing the leak below your kitchen sink. The kitchen, which is second in use after the bathroom, is likely to have water problems.

It can be frustrating to hear water drip from your kitchen sink. The water continues to drip no matter how many times you turn the taps.

You might be wondering what is causing the leak. It’s not one problem, and we know that it isn’t. Most people leave the leaking faucet alone, believing it will repair itself. You are missing the larger picture. This water can leak underneath your kitchen sink and reveal cabinets that are warpedfloor bucklemild scent.

Let’s take a look at three main causes of the leak below the kitchen sink.

1.Faulty Water Lines

Each kitchen sink comes with two water connections. There may be a third connection if the sink has an additional sprayer. Each of these lines could experience a loose connection that causes water to leak. Problem is, you don’t know which one is causing it. You will feel the dry wall underneath your kitchen sink. A failed gasket, connector or corrosion could be the cause of the leak. It is crucial that you maintain your kitchen’s plumbing system.

2.Dripping Faucet

The leaky faucet can be caused by either a loose washer or a loose bonnet. Sometimes, the R/O system may have leaked. This is usually caused by the tubing leaking from the drain saddle, valves, ports or valves. The system must be replaced if water is leaking from its bottom.

3.Leaking PTrap

Is there a part of a curving pipe under the sink? This is the P-trap. It prevents foul odors from getting out of the drain. The P-trap trap collects gunk and food particles, which can cause a leak. You might notice something that looks similar to mold around your pipe. You will notice this immediately. The P-trap will need to be cleaned in most cases. If this fails, you’ll need to call a plumber in order to have the pipe replaced.

Many homeowners believe that they can fix this water damage because they’ve seen a video on DIY plumbing repairs. They are mistaken. It is possible that you might have hit the wrong pipe in the repair. This could lead to a larger leak.

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