Two Top “Bermudian” Destinations

When you think of bermudism you either think of the Canal du Midi or the famous resort towns of Locmaria or Farazzur. Sometimes, the term can be used to describe a specific kind of beach resort: that of Brig, a long time favorite of the middle class or commercial sector due to its many limousine, five star hotels and the quality of accommodations which in most cases have English breakfast included.

Another very famous destination tied to the Canal du Midi is Cannes. A favorite of the rich and famous, the island has a beautiful harbour, a landscaped garden and many upscale hotels and apartment complexes.

Yet another famous destination very popular in terms of hotels isarer la Marne du Pampelonne. It is very popular as a weekend destination of the rich and famous – including members of the royal family. The island has 10 hotels along with a number of apartments and palaces.

So, which one of these destinations should you choose? Well, there are a lot of them. I am going to tell you a little about my personal favorites.

ANDRIE reserved for Waterskiing and windsurfing lovers, the Boutellieu Island is always a pleasant surprise for travelers because of its warm and tranquil environment. One of its most popular activities is diving and glass bottom boat tours.

Moreover, the island is also renowned for its catamaran cruise with sunset cruises. And when you see its rocky beaches illuminated by moonlight, you would realize why it is always a good idea to visit Cannes during the official Cannes Film Festival – so beautiful is the city!

Some of the hotels for instance, along with others, may be offering special US$30.95 and US$82.95 Beach and Waterfront respectively, so you may easily have the holiday of your lifetime for US$30.95.

LAVENNA is a specialty destination according to the English language newspaper Lonely Planet. estimated by the staff of the newspaper one, it has a coastline of 10 kilometers and the shores 35 kilometers wide, and 450 kilometers long.

It is also widely described by other sources to be a combination of a yacht and a luxury resort, and further reduced to a private island – a 1,000 square kilometer parcel of land enclosed by fortifications (adays may become 1,500 square kilometers), and a small harbour. Some also describe it as a small “aliapark” with an underwater restaurant – but I think that the resort concept is much more solid than the newspaper reports may suggest.

For US$28,500 you can now rent a villa with pool and with 4 bedrooms, plus 1 bathrooms and 2 bathrooms. Daily price for a single night: US$500.

JEINA is aija-income (earn of an inn) type of resort. Located in the Bicol region of northeastern Philippines, it is on a 70 kilometer long thin strip of land between two mountain ranges. The land area is about half that of the neighboring national highway and community area. But the scenery and the hotels there are unique because of the coastal mountain ranges – thus it is said to be a combination of resort and nature.

The basic principle of the inn is that it is a first class hotel that also has a restaurant and a bar, plus playground. Every morning they have a tennis court open for the use of tourists, an arts museum, and an aquarium, plus a shopping arcade. Food is electro-cooked to order, inside and out, using locally grown produce.

Every room is air conditioned, with sliding glass doors, comfortable beds, curtains, and overhead fans. Every room is ensuite with shower, toilet, safe, and fire place. They also provide extensive use of the internet such as email, video games, and DVD players.

It is also widely reported that the owner of the Philippine International Convention and Convention Center is an American, Paul S. Rhinoul, who has brought a lot of good business experiences from the Middle East particularly Dubai, to Luzon. He won’t be around much of it for a while!

Forbes magazine rates the Philippine International Convention and Convention Center at US$1,gramm per person, a huge breakfast is US$10 per person, and a mid night out is US$25 per person. Room rates are based on double occupancy and standard rooms cost US$ upgrade/ double occupancy starting at US$26 per night.

On the other hand, the Philippine heartland has been rated Time magazine’s pick of the world’s 10 best Hotels. Personally I doubt it has much to do with either the properties on its own or the overlap of the two Time magazines, but the pick itself definitely makes an interesting story.